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Cool Kids Coping with Anxiety


Riverside Psychiatric Group is offering a 6 week anxiety group for children ages 8-10. This group will utilize cognitive behavioral therapy, a proven approach, to help challenge and change negative thoughts that coincide with worries and fears children may have. Relaxation, mindfulness and other strategies will be presented and practiced in group to help the children cope more effectively with anxiety. Social skills practice will be integrated in the group process. The children will be encouraged to participate in games, interact with others as we utilize other play therapy techniques and complete some experiments between sessions to strengthen their ability to cope.

Parents as well as other important people in the childís life are encouraged to attend the last 20-30 minutes of sessions 1 and 4. Attendance is requested as these sessions to review tools and techniques presented in group so that they can be utilized at home. Attending these sessions allow people in the childís life an opportunity to help strengthen their coping skills for addressing anxiety. It has been shown in studies that children tend to show more improvement if parents or other caregivers are involved in the childís therapy process.

Group Information

Required: There will be a 1 hour intake session with child and parent(s) to help determine group eligibility. If it is determined that the group isnít compatible at this time, individual therapy will be offered. Intake and group sessions are billed to insurance. Co-pays will apply.

  • Limited to 6 children (closed group each time)
  • 6 weekly sessions held on Mondays 4:00pm-5:30pm
  • Group will begin November 16
  • A snack will be provided at every session (i.e. crackers, string cheese), please advise if your child has allergies

Registration: Please call Riverside Psychiatric Group at 338-2855 and press 3 to register! We will be offering this group on a quarterly basis, exact dates and times to be determined.

Facilitator: Gretchen Ebelt, MSW, LCSW

Call: 920.338.2855 (ext.3)
Individual Sessions are also available and could be insurance billable.