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A Journey Through Weight Loss
5-6pm, Mondays for six weeks • New sessions starting soon

A six week program aimed at helping you discover why you can’t or won’t lose weight. You’ve been on multiple diets in your life, your health is deteriorating, your knees ache, you’re out of breath, you can’t climb steps anymore, you do exercise once a week, but you just can’t lose the weight.  You lost the weight once… or twice… and you put the weight back on again. WHY?

Discover the issues that keep you from starting or finishing your goal. Commit to the process of weight loss and keep it off forever.

Whether it is 20 pounds or 200 pounds, Riverside Psychiatric is committed to helping you commit to the Journey of Weight Loss.

Week 1: Orientation
         Motivation: Plan to Succeed
         Journaling: If you bite it you write it.
         Commitment: I usually quit after 2 or 3 weeks.
Week 2     
         Physical Activity
: It’s NOT Optional
         Guest Speaker: Sarah J. Ferry, CPT – Personal Trainer
Week 3      
         Why is this taking so long?
The weight went on over night.
         Sabotage: I do my best eating under stress.
         Sneak Eating: Do the calories count?
         Excuses: Why so many?

Week 4
         It’s All About Me: Making yourself the priority.
         Building Self Esteem: Because you are worth it.

Week 5
: Lifestyle Change is Like an Ice Cream Cone: Just when you think
         you have it licked, it drips all over. Getting back on track.
         Fear, Denial or Depression: Why you can’t or won’t commit to change.

Week 6
        Living with Success
: Consequences of Change

Mark R. Eklund, LCSW, LMFT, CSAC

Call: 920.338.2855 (ext.3)
Series is $300 – Most insurance will not pay.
Individual Sessions are also available and could be insurance billable.